Comprehensive and integrated technology, internationally renowned partners, programming skills, solid experience. With these features In-Presa is present in the main areas related to electric mobility and is able to provide every type of charging device: Columns for Charging Points, Wallbox, Bars, Custom Stations.


Thanks to privileged business relations with its partners, In-Presa provides every type of charging station on demand to meet all customer’s needs and wants. Thanks to its multi-annual experience and highly skilled know-how, In-Presa follows the customer by providing support on legislation and guiding them in choosing the most suitable products according to the described needs. As a result, it is assured the maximum versatility that allows to provide the widest range of solutions about electric vehicles charging, based on technological partners’ products and with the great advantage given by the possibility to apply customizations according to the most varied customers’ demands.


In-Presa provides pre-assembled OEM solutions based on their controller and specifically designed to be housed in any type of structure and support. In-Presa’s OEM are solutions ready for installation in every type of case owner, using the most advanced charging stations on market plus the guarantee to ensure that they will function effectively.


Charge in Pack – software CIP - is the solution, unique in Europe, specific and designed particularly to combine the electric vehicle charging with all the guarded parking areas. The charging stations (wallbox and columns) are fully integrated in the parking payment system for full accounting of the services provided. Besides, the system is enhanced by an advanced energy management, which is delivered for a clever distribution according to connected vehicles and consumptions in real time. The solution Charge in Park can so attract all green customers to the parking area, where it will be possible to recharge the vehicles in an environment provided with even more efficient locations and in complete safety.


In-Presa also boasts an important milestone about safety: the patented solution SMART PLUG. The charging socket is de-energized until the verified authorization of inserted plug/user, thus eliminating any risk even in open public spaces. The device is made up of a miniaturized RFID tag, inserted within each plug entrusted to authorized users. Information which enable the system is stored inside the tag to precisely identify every single user requesting the service. Within the plug, a RFID reader is installed and connected to a control unit to manage the energy activation of the plug.
SMART PLUG is a patent that allows a fully automated management of electric vehicles fleets, directly identifying the charging vehicle and not only the user as usually happens for the ordinary charging systems. It is thus possible to carry out operations of call for charging, having accurate statistics about the use of vehicle and energy supplied to it and collecting useful data for the management of electric vehicle fleets in the territory.


The In-Presa's network is fully integrated with Car Sharing projects, either for traditional or electric vehicles. Thanks to its experience in the sector, In-Presa provides systems and products for car sharing, from the on-board terminal to control the access to vehicle by the user at the charging station, until the whole network management system.


In-Presa, thanks to years of experience in the field of electric vehicle charging, also provides complete solutions for the automation and energy distribution control in public areas such as Harbours, Marine, Campings but even Hotels, SPAs, Resorts, Residences and Apartment Blocks. This makes possible to prioritize safety in areas normally neglected, although highly at risk, allowing the supply of energy only to authorized individuals and monitoring all the data system for statistical purposes and optimization of consumption.


In-Presa customizes its customers’ solutions through the integration of the latest technologies to enhance the charging systems with an important technological contribution. It is thus possible to integrate modern, touch screen GUI into the charging systems, automated payment systems, barcode recognition terminals, magnetic stripe readers and much more.