In-Presa boasts a wide selection of connectivity solutions for charging stations to allow the use in multiple situations, from public to private sector. Thanks to the presence of Local Proxy units, In-Presa is able to manage networking for the monitoring stations, control and supervision of the systems and allow interfacing with important charging networks.


NET solution is specifically designed for the addition of wide connectivity to charging stations for use in private networks, not open to public. This is the common scenario inside parking areas, apartment blocks and business circuits.
The Local Proxy manages all of the system usage credentials in a specific internal database and allows customers to carry out a check and monitor the interfaced charging points simply by accessing the designated web browser interface from PC(s) connected to local network (LAN).
NET software allows to fully manage the stations, display their status in real time and gain important operating reports.


WEB solution is ideal for networking of stations which are part of charging circuits open to the public. The list of authorized users and information related to charging operations executed by each and every vehicle are transmitted in real time by the Local Proxy to a public host, located on a server In-Presa, via an internet connection and can be made available for free on-line consultation. The multi-level access credentials allow a perfect management of the whole charging network by differentiating the information available to Administrator, Manager and User of the system.


Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an open protocol adopted internationally for the network connection of charging stations for electric vehicles. OCPP is widespread across 50 countries all around the world and included in over 10.000 charging stations globally. By using the Local Proxy, In-Presa allows to add to all charging stations the necessary connectivity for integration into OCPP networks. In-Presa is currently the only Italian member of Open Charge Alliance (OCA), a global consortium formed by leaders in the electric vehicle and infrastructure sector, created to promote open standards, among them OCPP.


In-Presa provides everything is needed to add wireless connectivity (mobile, WiFi) to all those systems in case of absence or lack of wired data network.