The spread of electric vehicle peaks in the world of two wheels, especially with light vehicles like power-assisted bicycles and EV-Bikes in general. In-Presa also operates since a long time within the EV-Bike area and leads the sector with a patented product line and outcome of multi-annual experience, as well as ad hoc solutions, specifically designed and developed for light vehicles charging.


EVOBike is a smart spot for light electric vehicles charging powered by low voltage energy with DC supply, developed in a horizontal position to facilitate the ergonomic arrangement of the vehicles (bikes or scooters) while parked.
Integrated in every background and highly customizable to meet all needs, it allows charging with Shukoís or EVOCharging Systemís plugs.
If you integrate the spot with one of the In-Presaís connectivity solution (NET, WEB, OCPP), you can also build a bike sharing network, rental and fleet services.
The system is easily installed on any vehicle and open at requests of E-Bike manufacturers to integrate it on your own bike in order to obtain a specific product for fleets.


The EVO line products by In-Presa are particularly suitable for charging private EV-Bikes too, by providing Shukoís charging points where each user can easily connect their charger.
About Bike Charging systems, it is also possible to have different policies for service access with permission control and so exploit the full potential of connectivity solutions offered by In-Presa to build communication networks.


In-Presaís main goal is the proposal of concrete projects, geared towards a real economic sustainability for those who must fund them, whether itís a company or an administration, whether itís a small municipality or a tourist area or camping.

Proposals for sharing using the EVO line of products are designed specifically ad hoc for business entities, urban centers and tourist communities, dropping the model tier according to the context, the resources and the geographical characteristics of the territory, in a real sustainability over time.
In-Presaís sharing systems have an exclusive on being designed to accommodate the integration of all types and brand of electric bikes. The bike sharing systems of In-Presa, in addition to equipment of comprehensive, multi-level network for management and diagnosis in real time, allow the use of different system elements, combinable according to the context in which are inserted: bike parking, platform roofs, adaptation in already set up spaces, charging stations integration for electric vehicles such as cars and scooters.


The Solar Bike Station project stems from Generale Sistemiís experience in Control and Identification systems, Protection and Charge of Electric Vehicles in public or private areas. This is the project that will provide the most interesting developments, particularly for public administrations concerned with improving urban mobility.
The Solar Bike Station project comes from the smart interpretation of In-Presaís experience of Bike Sharing and Bike Charging, to promote the public or private charging in closed and controlled structures to weed out the otherwise inevitable issues of thefts and vandalism.
Fully automated or including services and spaces for creation of a real employment, the Solar Bike Station is able to bring in urban areas the important presence of professionals in rental, repair and bike components sale.
Each Solar Bike Station is completely powered by photovoltaic panels and is provided with an access control for the only Registered Users, Video Surveillance, Mechanic Plugging System and Integrated Charging System.
Dimensions and services can be configured according to the needs and perspectives of use.