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Ecomondo 2018

The Business System for Electric Mobility Infrastructures

Tutorial of charging systems network plain

Pdays 2018 – Comunication by Generale Sistemi

The biennial event Pdays - Mobility and Parking was held on 29th and 30th May 2018, organized by AIPARK at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence

2ID Charge Evolution Project

Fair Pdays - Mobility and Parking

Event of GS In-Presa Aipark Subscription

Fair Smart Mobility World 2015

Event Skidata Sneak Car & Event 2015

In-Presa sits on top

Event Master's Degree Design on Solar Bike Station

SCAME PARRE on the road PARRE-BOLZANO driving an electric RENAULT ZOE… a possible endeavor??

As a result of the increasingly productive relationship between the multinational from Bergamo and In-Presa, we show with pleasure the video published by Scame reflecting the increasing commitment in this kind of market

Fair Intertraffic 2014

Presentation Ci.Ro. “City Roaming – New Urban Mobility”

Focus group of POLIS urban logistics

Fair Intersolar Europe 2013

Event Presentation of Ecomission column 2013

Skidata Sneak Preview Event 2014

Convention “European policies for sustainability, the Green Economy” 2013

Event - In-Presa Lessons

Convention “The mobility management contribution to sustainable mobility”

Fair Ecomobility 2011

Fair Klimamobility 2011

Fair Energethica 2011

Convention Italian Electric Car

Fair Motorshow 2010

Fair SolarExpo 2010

Fair Energethica 2010

Convention on XII Day of Anie Research: Design the Smart City

Convention Confindustria Anie 2009

Fair SolarExpo 2009

Fair MotechEco 2008

Fair Energethica 2008

Ruotati 2007