The Business System for Electric Mobility Infrastructures

Tutorial of charging systems network plain

In-Presa attended the event organized in collaboration with RSE and other partner of the e-mob event, the National Conference of Electric Mobility it took place at the Camera di Commercio on September 19th.

The discussion was particularly focused on the case studies and perspectives of the Lombard territory and in particular metropolitan centre. Interesting experience of the administration involved the intervention of Stefano Riazzola Director of the Planning and Mobility Planning Department of Milan city. The manager explained the guidelines for the network planning of charging systems. On the other hand it is the case study certainly more complete and active on the Italian territory from which other administrations will not be able to stand out.

An important intervention was then carried out by Luca Pignanelli, of the Customs Agency, concerning the increasingly urgent case of The tax treatment of electric vehicle recharging , both on the user's and the manager's side. An interesting opportunity to clarify the tax treatment of charging electric vehicles in light of current tax legislation and Legislative Decree n. 257/2016 governing the implementation of Directive 2014/94 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014.

An interesting seminar with a good following with an evident presence of mainly local actors, but not only, to witness the liveliness of the Lombard and Milanese area in particular on the subject. Vivacity that generates interesting experiences even if - it must be said - not resolving the problems now endemic of this market as the effective utility of the diffusion of the EV systems or the problems of management and effective technical / administrative correctness of the tenders. Problems obviously related more to the "public" overweight appearance still in this market rather than for technical issues, regardless of the commitment and professionalism of the administration involved.