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In-Presa is the brand of Generale Sistemi srl dedicated to Smart City market and Electric Mobility.


Being the result of the decennial experience in the Parking sector, Mobility and Fleet Management, combined with the partnership with important international sector players, In-Presa already establish itself as an influential and decisive business entity in the R&D background, specifically the EV charging stations.
Thanks to its unique experience in this sector, In-Presa designs, develops, provides and integrates from the single OEM controller to complete systems for electric vehicles charging with columns, panels or bars, platform roofs and stations:

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In-Presa grows! It is obvious to everyone that the EV market is following an extremely positive, exponential trend. The entry into the market of the major players, the car manufacturers with the strength of their marketing finally generates serious premises for the much-cited E-Revolution. In fact, for some time now this aspect has been verified on the side of the ever increasing demand for the relative products dedicated to recharging and the exponential increase in orders for OEM components, of which it is the undisputed protagonist in the EU market and beyond. For this reason we consider it a duty towards our prestigious current clientele and towards the enormous potential future clientele increasingly inclined to the new forms of Mobility to equip ourselves with presentation tools suitable for the global market from which we are increasingly the object of attention. Soon the new In-Presa website and other related services will be presented, completely renewed in graphics and contents with a high attention to the international field. Not only, however, image but also content with a revolutionary innovation for the Controller and Board OEM world. No further anticipation because the public presentation will be announced shortly. In the meantime, however, we would like to warn you that the current site you are on is not receiving and will not receive significant updates. A lot of information that in recent months is affecting the reality of In-Presa and that unfortunately have not been reflected on the pages of our site. Events, Reference, Solutions, products etc ... this allows us to focus attention on the release of the new site and reach this important goal in the shortest possible time. We therefore apologize for the inconvenience but do not hesitate to contact us for any information. The new in-Presa experience is Under Construction! Marketing Manager: Simone Melani

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In-Presa integrates its own solutions with products by the most important sector suppliers and partners, as main ones being: