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Trieste Airport FVG - Custom development

In-Presa has made dedicated customizations for the interconnection of ABB charging systems installed inside the P2 parking in modern Ronchi dei Legionari FVG Airport. The structure is equipped with ABB charging systems to allow the recharge of electric vehicles, a double station composed of 3 columns Double-sided 22KW columns. A highly respected station for which the main contractor, the company Presotto Ennio Srl - a company with decades of experience in the design and construction of electrical, special and technological systems - has requested specific customizations on software. Generale Sistemi has provided for a dedicated customization in collaboration with its main partner ABB to obtain allow supervision station. The system activate every single charging point connected through manual commands from the Software interface. Thus potentially transforming the access control point into an authorization and direct verification location. The reference emphasizes the ability of In-Presa to develop specific solutions on requests that do not fall within the typical standard functionality of market software. A non-binding project for In-Presa but certainly significant in the current panorama of charging systems that is increasingly limited to the simple installation of EVSE. The system also features direct monitoring with In-Presa for remote maintenance and support via 4G connectivity. The project of the Intermodal Pole annexed to the Trieste Airport is one of the most important objectives outlined by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in regional transport plan. It represents the will to realize a strategic point that integrates the local public transport system.

ABB and Formula E partner to write the future of e-mobility

Generale Sistemi srl disseminates the important news of the main commercial partner ABB.The multinational that claims to be the head of the "fourth industrial and energetic revolution" and has decided to become the main sponsor of the Formula E championship, deeply involved in sponsorship and technology. This news is of interest to the sports world and it's very important for many decisions and implications for what concerns the diffusion of electric mobility. We therefore report with pleasure the press release and the video dedicated to the presentation event. ABB and Formula E are teaming up in a ground-breaking partnership to champion e-mobility for a sustainable future. Since its first race in Beijing in September 2014, Formula E has established itself as the number one all-electric international motor sport. In the next level of development, global pioneering technology leader ABB is bringing its name and innovation and technology leadership to the series, which will be now known as the “ABB FIA Formula E Championship.” With its unrivalled expertise in electrification and leadership in electric vehicle charging solutions, with the largest installed base of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide, ABB is the ideal industry partner for Formula E. Formula E serves as a competitive platform to develop and test e-mobility-relevant electrification and digitalization technologies, helping refine the design and functionality of electric vehicles and infrastructure as well as the associated digital platforms. By joining forces, ABB and Formula E will be ideally positioned to push the boundaries of e-mobility. “We are extremely excited to partner with Formula E in writing the future of e-mobility,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “Today, two pioneers are uniting. ABB and Formula E are a natural fit at the forefront of the latest electrification and digital technologies. Together, we will write the next phase of this exciting sports activity and foster high-performance teams. Together, we will write the future – one electrifying race at a time.” Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Formula E, said: “This is a historic day for Formula E and I’m honored to welcome the global technology leader ABB as the title partner of Formula E, with its background and expertise in the field of electrification and digital technologies. Our two companies are synonymous with pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Together, as partners, we will showcase breakthrough technology on a global scale to fans and consumers who follow the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.” As the world leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, ABB offers the full range of charging solutions for electric cars, electric and hybrid buses as well as electrification solutions for ships and railways. ABB entered the EV-charging market back in 2010, and today has a fast growing global installed base of more than 6,000 fast chargers. Read the artichle Watch the video

2ID Charge Evolution Project

The project plan co-financed by the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 that has been seen as in-Presa by Generale Sistemi srl has been concluded. Knowing the milestone can then be considered as having completed the project phase of "Smart Socket" which is the beginning of research by Generale Sistemi toEVSE. The project introduces the concept of "adaptive" innovation to enable smart socket technology in areas that are still unexplored, such as power supply columns in areas such as Ports, Camps. In this latter area - as an example - we have identified how it is still necessary to review the Hardware structure to be adapted to the joint power supply of electricity and water or how it is indispensable to define wireless communication between devices. It is also important to re-evaluate the safety factor in these environments is strongly underestimated. The design and prototyping activities such as a "body reader" to be adapted to Columns or WallBox dedicated to the V.E. in Parking areas. The research project concerned the study and the realization of innovations in the field of charging of electric vehicles in according with(IEC 61851-1, IEC62196-2, IEC61439-1, IEC60364-7-722) in mode 3 according to IEC61851-1. Naturally, research has to be concentrated in harmony with the existing technical regulations at European level and also refer to the Community Directives on the recharge of electric vehicles. Firenze 24/11/2017

In-Presa is the brand of Generale Sistemi srl dedicated to Smart City market and Electric Mobility.

Being the result of the decennial experience in the Parking sector, Mobility and Fleet Management, combined with the partnership with important international sector players, In-Presa already establish itself as an influential and decisive business entity in the R&D background, specifically the EV charging stations.
Thanks to its unique experience in this sector, In-Presa designs, develops, provides and integrates from the single OEM controller to complete systems for electric vehicles charging with columns, panels or bars, platform roofs and stations:



In-Presa integrates its own solutions with products by the most important sector suppliers and partners, as main ones being: